Shun Tei new rapper from Atlanta, GA

Go Getter is an understatement when it comes to rapper Shun Tei. He started off as a basketball player who desired to be in the N.B.A. But as time took its course he began too realize that basketball wasn’t for him. A week into his senior yr. in High School he lost a close friend of his. He then made a song in his remembrance which sparked the influence of music on ShunTei’s Life.
The Son of Famous south Georgia Dj, “Sam The Precherman”, Born Justin Brown, wanted to separate the young man from the artist so that came the name Shun Tei which presents the Demeanor of himself in which his craft of music brings out. Born in Petersburg Va, raised in Atlanta. Ga, Shun has definitely seen a lot of well known Atl rappers sail to top an he settles for nothing less! You will find his distinctive voice and metaphoric lyrics to uphold anyone’s attention young or old. Shun lives by motto “Living Outrageously Until Death” so be checking for his street Anthem like “Stomach Hurtin Money” guarantee your head will have a permanent bob whenever you hear the track. Next moving elevator to top Shun Tei!

Check him out at!/LifeAsShunTei