Classboy fights Kony!!! @STOPKony_2012


I discovered this DVD years ago in my garage and watched it in my college dorm. Today March 12, 2012 i discovered a post from my good friends PHMG(Porter House Music Group) which was a update on the DVD and situation. Kony 2012 is a campaign to make Joeseph Kony famous. Not to celebrate him but to bring him to justice. He has committed murders, kidnappings, rapes, etc and needs to be brought to justice, but USA wont help this cause if he is not important enough., and also will not continue to help if he is not captured by 2012. He is the #1 on the most wanted dictators list. He is informed that the USA is on his heels and is trying new strategy to escape and rebuild with his ABDUCTED CHILDREN army. He kidnaps the children in the villages and force them to kill their parents and turn the female children to sex slaves. (Which is not only disturbing but almost unheard of.)

On april 20th, 2012 while everyone is sleep, we will participate in Kony 2012 and cover the streets with Kony 2012 posters, etc. So get ready Classboy “covers the night” in downtown Atlanta, Ga, USA.

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-CEO Barrett Dungy