Lindsay Lohan “proud” of ‘Saturday Night Live’ hosting performance




Lindsay Lohan’s “Saturday Night Live” hosting performance wasn’t a hit with critics, but the actress said she pleased the one critic that matters — herself.


Lohan recognized it wasn’t perfect but was “proud” of the episode, sources close to Lohan told TMZ.


The actress, whose career has been hampered by multiple substance and legal problems, used her drug history and recent theft trial as material for her monologue Saturday night.

During her appearance she was “frisked” by SNL cast member Kristen Wiig. An alarm also went off when Lohan tried to step off stage.

“I thought you guys trusted me,” Lohan said with a straight face. “I get the feeling everyone thinks I’m going to screw up.”

The recovering 25-year-old actress’s hosting of SNL was seen as a first step in a comeback from her legal troubles, the New York Daily News reported.

Joan Rivers tweeted her 2-cents worth on Lohan’s performance.

“Lindsay Lohan was so bad on ‘SNL’ that the judge is sending her back to rehab, but for acting lessons.”

 Source: UPI News Service