Travis Porter remixes Erykah Badus Bag Lady!! Wow!!! OMG!! HOT!!!

Ok Ok we know first thing first you wanna hear the record. Well here it is.

Now Heres some background info on the Original record below:

{Bag Lady is the first single from singer Erykah Badu’s which was GRAMMY nominated from her 2000 album Mama’s Gun. The song is about a woman trying to begin anew in a relationship, but who has too much emotional “baggage” and can’t get close to people. The message of the song is to “pack light” and have hope for the future. Source: Wiki}

Travis Porter may be known for their club bangers and party hits, but this HOT NEW RECORD showcases their lyrical side to fans and supporters. This track reveals a more personal side of Travis Porter rarely seen by the public, but is honestly not suprising to true Travey Fans. Besides from this track being amazing enough it shows ARTIST INTEGRITY. And how Travey Salutes and pays respects to the pioneers who paved the way for them to be respected as artist and business owners.

Classboy favorites this song and the energy that comes along with the record.

-Barrett Dungy (Classboy, CEO & Founder)