UPDATE: KIM K Presses Charges Against “Flour Bomber”

Don’t think you can mess with a Kardashian and get away with it! After having some time to reflect, Kim Kardashian has decided to press charges on the woman that dumped a bag of flour on her at a charity event on Thursday.

Immediately following the flour incident, Kim K. brushed up and got right back to the carpet. She spoke out about what happened and said she tried to just laugh it off. Apparently she also claimed to not intend to press charges, but now reports are saying she didn’t do so because she didn’t want to leave the event.

She later spoke to TMZ and told them that the lady who threw the flour should be held accountable for her actions and what was done is considered bullying.

As we all know, Ryan Seacrest was recently covered in “ashes” from Sacha Baron Cohen, and in the past, many politicians have been “glitter bombed”. None of them chose to press charges, but it is definitely possible to do so considering the act is considered “assault”.

Although deciding to press charges will drag out the matter and potentially bring more attention to the culprit’s cause, which is apparently animal rights and anti-fur, Kim taking a stand sends a message that celebrities should be treated as equals.

Source: Alora Rutledge