Hollywood Model Organizes Global Drug Ring!!!!


A former men’s magazine pin-up model is also an international fugitive  accused of being the head of a global drug ring that spanned Australia and the  United States!

Simone Farrow, 37, was found hiding out in a cheap motel on Queensland’s Gold  Coast by authorities after a month on the run from the DEA.

Farrow was escorted through the domestic terminal of Sydney Airport led by  two federal officers on Wednesday.

The former model is accused of trafficking methyl amphetamine in bags of bath  salts from a posh apartment in Hollywood and police claim she has at least 19  aliases.

Farrow is expected to appear in court this week after being extradited to  Sydney.

She has been on the run for a month, fleeing $160,000 bail, which she claims  was because ‘someone was trying to murder me.’

Farrow ran the illicit operation from an apartment near Sunset Boulevard. It  was there she was kept under watch by U.S. authorities.

According to the Telegraph, police say Farrow organized for  high-grade crystal methyl amphetamine to be mailed to New South Wales and  Victoria hidden in parcels containing ‘bath products,’ ‘pants’ or ‘small  fountain kits.’

Buyers sent cash to Farrow through the post or made deposits at National  Australia Bank branches into her bank account.

One member of the drug syndicate committed suicide in a Hollywood motel the  day after being contacted by investigators.

Who would have thought that a beautiful model could pull off something so  elaborate?!

Source: Global Grind