Football snap off opening tip leads to fantastic alley-oop in Iowa all-star game

In the Pride of Iowa Conference senior all star game on Saturday, one of the two all-star squads won the opening tip off and then dropped back into what can only be described as a football formation. Pleasantville (Iowa) High’s Collin Thomas, who had received the ball off the opening tip off near the top of the arc, snapped the ball to Corydon (Iowa) High star Bryce Carpenter.

Playing on his home court, Carpenter took three dribbles, working the ball back toward the left side as if he was heading toward the front court to set up a play. Then, rather than move the ball around the perimeter, Carpenter launched a an alley-oop with Aaron Rodgers-like precision to Pleasantville’s Hunter Van Haalen, who elevated to toss down a thunderous dunk and send the crowd into hysterics.

According to the Des Moines Register, Carpenter and the rest of his squad’s starting five came up with the play just minutes before the opening tip-off, and the players gave no indication to their parents or fans — including the mother who filmed the play that eventually landed on YouTube — what they were planning to do.

“We kind of thought of it five minutes before the game started and we decided to do it,” Carpenter told the Register.

Of course, the Iowa teens weren’t the first to think of utilizing a football-style snap in a basketball game; Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo combined to similar effect for the Celtics during a game against the Lakers in February. Still, it seems likely that Carpenter and co.’s snap and slam combination will probably be a lot more memorable in the years ahead.