Robin Thicke Addresses His Arrest For Weed Possession




Classboy caught up with Robin Thicke to ask him about love after war, married life with his wife, actress Paula Patton, and his recent run-in with the law over weed possession. 

In our very candid interview, GlobalGrind asked Robin about his possession of marijuana and here’s what the R&B singer had to say:

We know you had a little run-in with the police, would you like to clear the air about that situation?

Well, what did you hear?

It was reported that you were spotted smoking weed in your car.

Oh yeah, that one I can’t comment on just because for legal reasons. But yeah, it’s all fine. It’s all fine.

Well, listen, there’s no judgment over here.

Yeah, it was all a funny thing – all a funny thing. 

Source: Global Grind